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Beginner’s Sashiko Class at Sewing Diva

Fun group of people!

I taught a very fun class at Sewing Diva in Derry NH. All students were so very lively and funny that we laughed a lot in between stitching. Don’t take it wrong. They worked very hard to learn Sashiko especially making the stitches even. And I just have to say one of them, Renee Clarke, is  absolutely one of the best students I have ever had. She is about to graduate from a 4-year college to be a seamstress. No wonder! Her passion is to sew. The video this Sashiko class is posted on my YouTube channel as a Beginner’s Sashiko Class video.

Japanese running stitch – You Tube

Miho doing Japanese running stitching

I have taped how “Japanese people stitch” at Beginner’s Sashiko class at Quilted Crow, and it’s up in You Tube. The way we stitch is called “running stitches”, so the needle is held stationary to fabric. The thumb and index finger seem to be walking on the needle while the left hand feed the fabric.
The running stitch was very suitable for stitching Kimono, which was our everyday garment until 50 years ago. Kimono is constructed with all rectangular pieces, so women used to stitch straight lines by using running stitching. It was very productive. Visit Japanese running stitch video to see how it is!

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