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Origin of Kamon (Family Crest)

Sashiko stitched kamonsThe origin of Kamon seams to go all the way back to 900 years ago in Heian Era. The history tells that Saionji, a court noble, used Tomoe (a comma-shaped design) as their crest, and it was decided as a mark on oxcart for high personage. The use of this mark soon be expanded and was used to mark on furniture, dishes and all kind of belongings. This custom has spread in the noble class and it gradually became the crest to each noble family.

One of my favorite motifs to use in Sashiko are family crests (Kamon in Japanese). They are very compact and suitable for adding partially to any projects.

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What is Kofu

“Kofu” originally means “traditional fabric” in Japanese. It has been made out of natural fibers such as silk, cotton and linen, and has been used for Kimono clothing as well as accessories and interiors for hundreds years in Japan. Today, they have many kinds of Kofu which were developed and refined locally and independently in many areas of Japan. Chirimen, Yuzen, Kasuri, Ohshima Tsumugi, Sarasa and Ai are examples of Kofu, which derived from the methods of weaving and dyeing, or from the names of the fabric producing districts.

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