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Zaru (Bamboo Basket)

A bamboo is neither a plant nor a tree. I think the beauty of bamboo is more appreciated in Japan than in any other countries. Bamboo has been used in our life in many ways from gardening, interior decoration, bamboo fence, bamboo baskets and place mats.

Zaru (bamboo basket)

Zaru - Image Credit:

Sashiko Stitched Bamboo

Taken from Eiko Yoshida book

I read this somewhere that the bamboo sheds its leaf toward summer while other trees do so in the fall. It blooms once every ten years and dies. It would be wonderful to have some bamboo at the corner of the garden in my backyard, or even hear the rustle from their leaves. No other trees can give us this sensitive feeling.

In this modern world, the true beauty of bamboo is being overlooked.

Sashiko Kagome Table Runner

Part of table runner, designed by Miho Takeuchi

Do you agree or disagree? What are you thoughts on Bamboo? Do you use it for decorations or other purposes?

Bamboo wares offer a natural and simple beauty. I picked up a Zaru (bamboo basket) I brought form Japan, which is I think the simplest design among the bamboo wares around us. Zaru was most commonly used as a strainer, a dish for noodles, and harvesting crops.

There are traditional sashiko pattern called Kagome (basket weaves). Whenever I stitch this pattern, I think of Zaru.

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