Asanoha is a traditional lattice pattern of hemp leaves. This is probably the most used Sashiko pattern. I have been using a variation of Asanoha called Tobi-asanoha in my beginner’s class for years. 

To stitch Asanoha, you can transfer a paper pattern onto fabric. Also, you can purchase Sashiko Sampler, which has the pattern pre-printed. There are 2 variations available at my store: SC-0201 Tobi-asanoha and SC-0206 Asanoha in Navy blue  and White, and SC-0455 Cool water surface in Turquoise.

Before stitching, here is a very important rule when you stitch a pattern. Don’t let your stitches cross on the front where the pattern lines intersect. Carefully making the center open. It makes the finished project look much more elegant.

1. Whenever the pattern has horizontal or vertical straight lines, that usually are the first ones to stitch. So, stitch all the vertical lines. Be sure to provide even-distanced stitches.

2. Move on to diagonal lines. Stitch from lower right to top left. You are stitching diagonal lines. Diagonal lines are more difficult to stitch since they stretch. So after stitching, use your thumb nail to ease the stitches. Then hold the fabric tight and gently pull it horizontally and vertically to make the stitches settled.
3. Stitch the remaining diagonal lines, from upper right to lower left.
4. Stitch the diagonal lines as zigzags. Use the straight horizontal lines as your guide so you won’t be off the truck. Pull the needle out at the each turn and by using your thumb nail, ease the stitches. This way, you will prevent fabric to be puckered.
5. Stitch zigzags that are opposite side of the one you have finished at Step 4. Now you can see you formed many diamonds.
6. Finally, stitch the short horizontal lines, keeping thread continuous and stranding across the back. Make sure the carried thread on back is loose, or the fabric will pucker.
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