Sashiko Coin Purse

Sashiko Coin Purse

Original sashiko design by Miho Takeuchi

Why not join in the conversation. If you have not yet received my free original sashiko pattern for this coin purse, why not sign up today as a subscriber and receive the complete details and instructions today.

This type of coin purse is called “Gamaguchi” in Japan. “Gama” means “frog’s mouth”. Yes, it just looks like a frog opened up its big mouth when you open up the purse! A tiny gamaguchi is useful as a vanity case, accessory case and a stylish inner bag besides just putting loose coins. I carry around my thimbles with this purse.

You might be wondering about this particular purse frame I used in the sample photo. The frame was imported from Japan and its antique finished gold makes this frame so noble and valuable. I like its quality and simplicity of design.

As you can see below, I have arranged for you to be able to purchase this particular purse frame.

Coin Purse Frame

Product number: BK-772

Size: 3-1/8″(W) x 2-1/8″(H) x 3/8″(D)

Content: 1 frame + paper string

Color: Antique gold

Price: $9.50 (plus $2.50 shipping and handling)

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4 Responses to “Sashiko Coin Purse”

  • Donna:

    Hello Geli and Miho! I’ve just discovered this wonderful site and look forward to making new friends. The coin purse was THE reason I hopped on-board. I plan on making several for Christmas gifts; I’m just waiting for the snap part of the frame to arrive.

    Any hints you can send my way to help make my purses a success would be great! I do a lot of quilting and sewing but there’s always seems to be this one little trick that makes a pattern go much easier.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State. Fall has set in and I’m loving the beautiful changes in the trees. Keeping my birds happy is another on-going forever project that I participate in! Some do let me know if I’ve forgotten them.

    For now….


    • miho:

      Hi Donna,

      I have been trying to email you but always bounced back… Sad…
      Anyway, the trick I can think of when making a coin purse is make sure you have all the tools and materials ready before add glue into a ditch of frames. You have to move very fast once the glue is in. You also want to make sure you are not making mess by putting glue all over the purse body (the part made from fabric).
      1. Add glue
      2. Tuck the purse body into the ditch with a sharp object without putting glue onto the purse body.
      3. Immediately add the cord, push in with the sharp object.

      Hope this helps!

  • Geli Caso:

    I am so happy that I have found your web site. I´m a quilter for 10 years and I am crazy about sashiko. Here in Spain, where I live, it is impossible to find someone Who can teach you something about it. I have already bought some fabrics, the needles, the thimbles, the thread in two different colors, I have four wonderful books ¡in japanese…¡¡¡ well…at least I can watch the pictures and have a good time dreaming if one day I will be able to do all that beautiful work. I will try with your CD and your help.
    Thank you for sharing your articles about Japan and sashiko with us.
    Geli Caso.

    • miho:

      Hi Geli,
      I just got back from Japan and saw your comment. I am glad to hear you are very interested in Sashiko. I wish I can come to Spain to stitch with you! Well, that is one of my list of places to visit, and hopefully near future. Please don’t hesitate to email me for any questions. My DVD is a good start to learn basics and you can stitch with the DVD.

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