Ogi (Japanese style fan)

Kyo Ogi

I was surprised to learn that Ogi (fan) was invented in Japan. I have been having this impresson for long time that it was one of the things that have had introduced to Japan from China. Actually, Ogi went across the ocean to Europe via China from Japan. There are some literatures showing that Ogi was used in Heian era (794 – 1192), which was much before we started to get influences from China.
The fan in the picture is called Kyo Ogi —  made from beautiful Japanese paper that is hand-painted. This fan was made in Kyoto and the name Kyo Ogi was taken from the region.

Hinoki (Japanese cypress) ogi

Early days, Ogi was made from thin blade of Japanese cypress attached to a central hub with strings.

The type we use today is called Shizume-Ogi, which is made from papers and can be fold up in the form of a stick so that it is easily carried around.

Ogi was invented for a practical use of creating wind. It also was used for a game, a poem or a campus of painting.  Ogi also became a major part of Japanese style dancing called Nihon-buyou. Using Ogi as a part of dance let the dancer to express emotions and gives more variety to the dance.

image credit: metmuseum.org

image credit: www.homeandgarden.com

Ogi is one of the most popular motifs to be used in quilting and there are may patterns in the market to make.

I have used Ogi into one of my  wall hangings.

Fan wall hanging AP-24

Fan pattern is used for sashiko  stitching on the outer borders in  2 colors of threads.

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  • gepa5:

    Rhoda, this is SO good, beautiful… being a tndaitioral quilter first, I am drawn to your flying geese blocks, very effective. And do I detect some beautiful hand quilting?? You called it sashiko…. it is a different form of hand quilting, kind of like … what do they say, laying down a grain of rice onto the fabric. It is a nice variation to hand quilting as we know it, would you say?Love your hand painted fabric. I have been doing some of that this winter… hope to get good at it.Thank you for sharing…Carole

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