Kofu Wall hanging class at The Quilted Crow

This was a 2-day class to make a wall hanging. Kofu originally means “traditional fabric” in Japanese. The first hour was consisted with choosing fabrics and coordinating colors. Students are back and forth to the classroom and store, picking up fabrics to mix and match.  Each students chose fabrics that go with their own unique taste.
Then we moved on to transfer sashiko designs onto the borders of wall hanging. This is the most tough part because a lot of patient is required. Using Tracer pen or a tracing wheel, go over the line precisely. It will take a while but this step will make the end result different.
Now it’s time to stitch, which all the students are relaxed, just stitch quietly or chat while working on.

Stitching Sashiko on the border

After all Sashiko is done, the borders are attached to the mid-section of wall hanging.

Sewing borders onto the mid-section of wall hanging.

Here is an amazing piece. Faye doubled the size of the quilt. She did so much homework in between 2 classes that when she came in for the second class, almost all the work was done except hand-stitching the bindings.

Finished piece. The size was doubled.

Everyone’s project was nicely done!

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