Kinchaku Bag class at Quilted Crow

The Saturday started out as a nice sunny day, and got cloudy later on. We sat down a cozy sunny classroom at The Quilted Crow in Boxborough, MA to make Kinchaku Drawstring bag.
When it comes to a bag, the most traditional one in Japan definitely is Kinchaku, which  is a drawstring bag we used to carry our personal belongings and lunches. This style of bag has been around in my country for centuries.

This was a one-day class to make a reversible drawstring bag. The way you construct the bag is unique so you will have fun! We did Sashiko on a few blocks. The pattern for Sashiko (family crests in Japan) were nice, compact designs to stitch on this project.  Students made their bags in their own unique colors and all of them came out really great! Thank you for working with me!

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