Japanese Thimbles – Yubinuki

Japanese Thimble - Yubinuki

Yubinuki made by same method as making Temari (Japanese thread balls)

In Japan there is beauty even in the simplest things in life; things as simple as a thimble. Though born out of practicality, Japanese thimbles, or Yubinuki, might sometimes be considered fashion statements among their users. And for very good reasons.

As you will see below, there are many styles of yubinuki, some simple, some ornate, some made using metal, some with leather, and others still using the same process as making Temari, or Japanese thread balls.

However they are made, and what ever type of sewing you may do, you will be sure to find a favorite.

Leather and Metal Japanese Thimbles

Typical leather thimble (left) - Custom metal thimble (right)

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