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We used to use Sasahiko technique to give warmth and strength to fishermen’s jacket. This is a image of fish net spreaded over a sashiko jacket.

39″ x 39″

Kimono Sampler

Kimono Sampler
Pattern available: AP-32

A traditional quilt pattern in Japan. 15 blocks of Kimono were pieced. Used Sashiko to create designs in Kimono and Kamon (family crests).

36″ x 57″


The energy I felt from my daughter’s dance recital.

46″ x 46″



A scene I remenber in a Japanese fairy tale; seeing a beautiful spring mountain in early morning over early morning mists.

22.5″ x 16″

Quilt of Longevity
Quilt of Longevity

Cranes and tortoises are the symbols of longevity. The hexagons represent the tortoise shells.

44.5″ x 62″


A wheat field in late fall. Reed seeds are floating in the air.

46″ x 67″

Kakejiku "Snow flakes"
Kakejiku “Snow flakes”
One of the series of Kakejiku (wall scrool) with Snow flakes.

27″ x 59.5″

Japanese blocksJapanese blocks

Block designs were from Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match by Susan Briscoe, and added some of my original designs.

41.5″ x 41.5″


A quilt made with Hexagon: one of the most popular shapes in Asia.

38″ x 50.5″

Autumn in JapanAutumn in Japan

My memory of Autumn in a mountain near my mother’s house in Japan. Looking down the scenery of the end of autumn from a bridge where all the vegetations are about dying and some bright fall orange color spark out.

58″ x 58″


Ajiro is a fabric woven with shaved bamboo or cypress trees. Used ajiro pattern for patchworking and Sashiko.

29″ x 42″

Kakejiku "Red"
Kakejiku “Red”

One of the series of Kakejiku (wall scrool) with random blocks.

28″ x 54″


Rain falling onto a wooden fence. Fabrics were pieced before appling Sashiko circles.

32.5″ x 26″

Kakejiku "Be-dama"

Kakejiku “Be-dama”
Pattern available: AP-31

Be-dama in Japanese is “glass marbles”. This wall scroll has unique be-dama created.

25″ x 54″


An image of Kabuki play. Bright contrast of red and black stroked my eyes.

12″W x 11″H X 2″D


Pattern available: AP-24

We use fans for dancing in Japan. A Geisha is holding a fan with her hand hidden in her kimono sleeve. Sashiko pattern used here is a continuous fan pattern.

23″ x 31″

Blue Chrysanthemum Blue Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum garden back of the house I grew up.

42″ x 46″

Red Chrysanthemum
Red Chrysanthemum
Memory of chrysanthemum festival.Crimson red in chrysnthemum is so very unique.

31″ x 56″

Gourd Table runnerGourd Table runner
Gourd is one of popular motifs to use in art in Japan, which is a tipical motif for autumn. Gourds are appliqued.

29″ x 15″

Kofu small wall hangingKofu small wall hanging

Just adding a little bit of Sashiko make it different!

30″ x 30″

Stepping Stone Wall Scroll
Pattern available: AP-33

The design of this wall scroll came from a view of one of the gardens in traditional Japanese style. It is called Chaniwa (tea garden), which contains a tea house. Stepping stones are leading guests towards the tea house through the garden.
22″ x 42″

Kofu wall hanging  Kofu wall hanging
Pattern available: AP-08

Used a pack of Kofu 5″ pre-cut pack from Olympus.

35.5″ x 35.5″W

Sashiko samplerSashiko sampler

One of my popular patterns for combining patchworking and sashiko. I used most of traditional Japanese colors: tea green to Indigo blue to adzuki red. Many sashiko designs are involved.

43″ x 43″

Chirimen SamplerChirimen Sampler

Made with 100% cotton Chirimen fabrics. Chirimen is a Japanese term describing a dull crepe fabric made with a course yarn. Originally of silk but now found in man made filaments such as polyester, rayon and cotton.

35″ x 35

Spring in Japan

My memory of spring in Japan where spring flowers in a garden all bloomed, and paths go through.

46″ x 46″

Silk Sakura
Silk Sakura

Made from an old silk Obi (sash for kimono). This Obi is about 120 years old.

23″ x 38″

Spring Harmony RunnerSpring Harmony Runner

Used a pattern “Harmony” from Atkinson Designs to blend printed fabrics into three part of harmony.

16 x 46″

Sakura Table runnerSakura Table runner
Traditional color of Indigo blue with white thread. This is a spring scene over seeing by wooden fences; birds are flying and cherry blossoms are florting on a river.

20″ x 29″

Kakejiku "Murasaki"
Kakejiku “Murasaki”

Center piece is a part of a Yukata (summer cotton kimono) fabric. A unique way of color combination: tea green with purple.

24″ x 54″

Pillow case
Pillow case
This is originaly designed for Japanese Zabuton (cusion for sitting). Zabuton covers are a part of fashion in Japan.

16″ x 16″ or 24″ x 24″

Flower table clothFlower table cloth

A modern aproach of Sashiko in daily life. The design is adjustble for any sizes of table cloth.

27″ x 27″

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